We’ve Innovated. We’ve Formulated. Now it’s time for the big pay-off. Time to actually Create your game-changing product.

Continuous innovation allows us to offer you, and your patients, products that other CDMOs simply can’t. After brainstorming your innovative concept and engineering a unique formulation, this is where we put everything together into a finished product that delights your patient; something truly special that enhances their experience and improves product adherence.

Key Stats


formulated solutions team members


square-foot container and packaging warehouse including refrigerated storage


gallons USP water storage


cleanroom production suites (Largo Facility)


compounding areas - 4 suitable for flammables production (Largo Facility)

Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill CDMO

We take great pride in our manufacturing capabilities, and you’ll find that we are incredibly flexible. We can take you quickly from pilot runs and test batches to full-scale production, and we can produce your goods to order, or based on rolling sales forecasts. Easy changeovers make for cost-effective production. We are the best in the business when it comes to pharmaceutical regulated environment bag-on-valve and aerosols, and we have extensive direct experience and unmatched reputation with other forms such as bottled liquids, sachettes, plastic and metal tubes, airless bottles, and other semi-solid package formats. But we are always looking for new ways to deliver, so whatever the challenge, let’s talk, and find a solution you’ll love.

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Invested In Your Success

Our facilities and equipment are impressive, but we are so much more than buildings, GMP certifications, processes, international regulatory approvals, and machines. We are your invested partner, and our drive to innovate doesn’t end when it’s time to manufacture; it’s just as important now as it was on the journey to this point. We want to help you create a game-changing product that will build your reputation, your word-of-mouth recommendations, your brand loyalty, and, ultimately, add to your bottom line.

We are certified by all major regulatory agencies in the 46 countries in which we currently do business, and our record with these agencies is excellent.

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Case Studies

Learn more about the products we’ve created — and more specifically, the results we’ve achieved for our Brand Partners — in the case studies linked below.