These days every company claims to innovate. It’s so common that the word has become almost invisible. We’re different. We walk the walk.

Each year we commit a significant amount of available Innovation & Development staff capacity, to the pursuit, evaluation and co-development of novel leading-edge raw material chemistries, supplier developed packaging technologies as well as cultivating relationships at University-Level Research Institutions all with the endgame of fostering an internal culture and continued investment in purely “speculative-to-stage” formulation and package development.  Why would we invest so much in projects without a guaranteed payoff?  So that we stay ahead of the curve on what will shape the future of Self-Directed Consumer Healthcare products, and are able to ensure that you, our Brand Partner, are in a perfect position to offer your customers differentiated products that they will love. For us, that speculative investment and commitment has been a large part of our historical growth and successes.

Key Stats


square-foot site expansion completed in 2021


square-foot Innovation and Development lab expansion completed in 2019


square-foot Analytical lab expansion completed in 2019 (7,500 total square feet)


square-foot of combined lab and production space

Sharing Risk

We say “Brand Partner” rather than “customer” because that’s how we see you. Again, that’s more than just words — in many cases, we commit to sharing some of the risk of bringing your new product to market. And because it doesn’t make sense to compete with your partners, we don’t own any of our own brands, are not producing generics and we never market directly to any retail chains. It’s a win-win that makes perfect sense, because the more successful you are, the more successful we are.

The Earlier The Better

No matter where you are in your product’s evolution, we’d love to work with you. But it’s especially exciting when we get to meet you at the beginning of your journey. Brainstorming concepts, formulations and delivery systems to create a game-changing end product is what we do best. Put our deep experience and consumer knowledge to work for you.

Solving The Ultimate Challenge

Through our company-wide culture of innovation, we have helped our partners bring Branded Rx, NDA & Monographed OTCs and, Medical Device products directly to market — products that increase patient adherence, helping to improve a serious issue that costs our healthcare system an estimated $100-$289 billion a year1.


Formulated Solutions prides themselves on being the innovation arm. They focus on how to create new opportunities that don't already exist in the market

Senior Brand Manager, International Pharma Corp

Case Studies

We innovate continuously, and it’s tangible in every aspect of what we do. For specific examples of how our philosophy has worked for other Brand Partners, view our case studies linked below.