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Innovation Runs Deep

At the foundation of our commitment to bringing quality, innovative products to market is the diverse breadth of experience that exists across our organization, starting at the top. With extensive expertise in pharmaceutical chemistry, engineering, lean manufacturing, domestic and international regulations, quality systems, and finance, and a dedicated team with deep, industry-specific knowledge of the Pharmaceutical and Self-Directed Consumer Healthcare customer, our leadership team is the catalyst for the company-wide creative thinking that enables us to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.

We are privately-held and operated with strong financial independence, which allows us to act with flexibility and agility, while ensuring our core values are present in every project and customer relationship.

Eric Dann

Founder and Board Member

Victor Swint

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Bush

Chief Scientific Officer

Courtney Damon

Chief Human Resources Officer

Eric Martin

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Andrew Sabuneti

Chief Quality Officer

Brian Schumm

Chief Financial Officer

M. Scott Carpenter

VP, Marketing & Partner Innovation

William Ford

VP, Operations & Cleveland Site Head

Jimmy Hanna

VP, Finance

Mickey Johnson

VP, Operations & Largo Site Head

Brian Sell

VP, Procurement

Kelli Tucker

VP, Supply Chain and Customer Service