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Prestige Personal Care

Innovation Hotbed

Consumers are more empowered than ever to take control of their health and wellness, which means they can be more discerning than ever of the products they choose to bring into their homes. With a steady rise in consumer consciousness contributing to increased expectations around the quality, efficacy and sustainability of products and their ingredients, the prestige personal care market has become a hotbed for innovation.

For our R&D experts, this competitive landscape is exactly where we thrive. It allows us to fully flex our creative muscles in pursuit of novel products and delivery technologies. Using the same exacting standards as our pharmaceutical and healthcare product development, we Innovate, Formulate and Create high-quality products for leading brands in health, oral and prestige skincare. We maximize your brand potential by helping you deliver cutting-edge products to market — ones your customers can feel good about using.


Case Study  | Prestige Personal Care

Cryogenic Cooling Creates Derm Salon Experience

The Challenge

A prestige personal care brand came to us with the challenge of creating a first-of-its-kind skincare product with a cryogenic cooling treatment that could be used as a replacement for in-office dermatological suite solutions.

The 'Formulated' Solution

Having quietly worked on cryogenic cooling solutions for years in the lab, this fell right into our wheelhouse, and we had just the answer. Within six months, the team moved from lab-scale sample approval to installation of production-scale equipment. Our team’s creativity, nimbleness and focus on the consumer experience enabled the delivery of an incredibly unique concept-to-consumer solution, just in time for the holiday gifting season.

The team at Formulated Solutions has unique capabilities only they can provide.

Director External Manufacturing, Leading Global Pharma Company


Case Study  | Prestige Personal Care

Clean And Green, Formulated Solutions Transfers And Improves In-Market Product

The Challenge

After a prestige personal care company discovered its contract manufacturer had been diluting its green propellant system with less expensive hydrocarbon propellants without any notification, it suddenly realized not only was the product not what it was supposed to be, but the product label was no longer accurate — and the company was not getting what it was paying for.

Create_PPC_CS_Aerosol 2

Ultra-low GMP

The 'Formulated' Solution

As the largest contract manufacturing consumer of green propellants in North America, the call for help came to Formulated Solutions. The “fix” might have seemed easy enough — simply fill the formula as originally specified — but within days, the Formulated Solutions R&D and manufacturing teams were able to identify and implement opportunities to improve both the formula and delivery system. Today, the brand owner has an even better product to offer its customers, along with the confidence that the product will remain both high quality and compliant.

Formulated Solutions is unique in its position relative to other contract manufacturers.

Technical Lead, Leading Global Pharma Company


Case Study  | Prestige Personal Care

Staying Power Fuels Brand Power With Revolutionary Self-Tanner

The Challenge

Many years ago, during the infancy of the prestige personal care product category, a manufacturer of sunless tanning products was in a bind. The company had been working to introduce new spray booth technologies but recognized that the formulas it had been evaluating did not develop color fast enough, which resulted in the product being “toweled off” before it could properly react with the skin. The manufacturer also felt that the formulas simply didn’t last long enough, further calling the viability of the business model into question.

Create_PPC_CS_Tanning5 2
The 'Formulated' Solution

Around the same time, we had been working with seemingly unrelated technologies to develop an innovative FDA monograph drug formula. When the brand owner of the sunless tanning product contacted us, our R&D team quickly connected the dots between the unique consumer needs associated with a sunless spray tan booth and the actives used to help accelerate the absorption of drug actives into skin. Ultimately, the formulation approach was a success. Our R&D team had identified a way to increase the duration of spray tans and change the benchmark for their staying power. This is now the standard formulation approach across the spray tan industry.

In an effort to provide an even better sunless tanning experience, the team went a step further and also created the first sunless tan skin prep product to help prepare the skin, creating a richer, deeper spray tan — a new standard for the industry.